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16 Oct, 2018

All You Need to Know About Essential Oils and Their Flavours: Karnataka Aromas Takes You on a Flavour Trip

by Admin | 16th October, 2018 |

It wouldn’t come as a surprise to many of us when we are told how essential oils play an integral role in flavouring food items that we enjoy. The way they add to the freshness of any item with their aromatic elements, essential oils are undoubtedly the ideal ingredients when it comes to flavouring.

Karnataka Aromas having partnered with some of the renowned brands such as Eternal Pearl, BASF, Takasago, Bestally, and Symrise have come up with extraordinary flavours that are ideal for edibles and beverages. Food and beverage industries can actually benefit with these amazing essential oils from Karnataka Aromas that are certainly going to boost up the effectiveness of the products. Just imagine the charming flavour your customers will get to experience from your food products, the moment they take a bite into it!

Essential oils are generally sufficient of powerful and therapeutic strength that can help in nurturing the body while giving a flavoursome touch to the appetite. Some of the essential oils are also commonly used for flavouring food items like desserts and chocolates. The complete purity of flavours of essential oils when added to the food items make the entire palate a wonderful one.

Each and every essential oil comes with a unique flavour that has the power to leave an everlasting taste. Karnataka Aromas offer some of the best and natural unadulterated essential oils that can be used for several purposes.

The lavender oil packed in fresh flavours can be used for confectionery items for an enhanced taste and fragrance. The freshness of this essential oil exudes from its characteristic taste. Lavender oil is also said to be a delicious addition to food items like ice creams and cakes.

Another essential oil which not only comes with a flavoursome taste but has also shown some major digestive benefits is peppermint oil. Fresh and zippy, this essential oil has a refreshing flavour that can be instantly felt in any food item it has been used. So, fresh cream desserts to ice creams, a drop of peppermint oil will lend a delectable touch.

Other essential oils like citrus, rosemary and lemon too are ideal for creating a charming flavour for food and beverages. With Karnataka Aromas, you can now experience a whole new range of exotic flavours and heart-warming tastes for your food items.