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The flavour of processed foods has changed considerably over the last five decades. Think back to the days of the powdered desserts which bore only a related similarity to the real flavour.

India is blessed with unique flavours be it, snacks, meals or beverages. To achieve the complex and varied challenges Karnataka Aromas have collaborated with the best of the flavouring organisations from across the world to establish a revered space for ourselves.



Product Name CAS Brand Olfactory Spec MSDS FEMA
Ethyl Vanillin 345 Eternal Pearl Strong vanilla ertert ert ert
Vanillin 345 Eternal Pearl Vanilla ertert ert ert
Aldehyde C-18 104-61-0 Symrise Creamy, Coconut, Apricot, Tenacious 2781
Amber Wood F 58567-11-6 Symrise Woody, Cedarwood, Amber, Sandalwood 534534
Cis-3-Hexanyl Salicylate t 345 Symrise Floral, Green, Ylang Ylang, Frangipani ertert ert ert
Citronellyl Tiglate 345 Symrise Floral, Fruity, Sweet Pea, Iris ertert ert ert
Acetoin 345 Bestally Buttery ertert ert ert
Ethyl Maltol 345 Bestally Cotton Candy, Sweet Fruit ertert ert ert
2 acetyl Pyrazine 345 Bestally Popcorn ertert ert ert
Cuminic Aldehyde 345 Bestally Punget, Cumin Oil ertert ert ert
Furaneol 345 Bestally Sweet, Cotton Candy, Caramellic ertert ert ert
Maltol 345 Bestally Caramel-Butters, Fruity ertert ert ert
Vanillin Iso Butyrate 345 Bestally Heavy, Sweet, Creamy, Vanilla, Nutmeg ertert ert ert
Aldehyde C-14 345 Chinese Fruity, Peachy ertert ert ert
Aldehyde C-18 345 Chinese Coconut ertert ert ert
Benzyl Salicylate 345 Chinese Coconut ertert ert ert
Delta Decalactone 345 Chinese Sweet, Coconut, Peach, Creamy ertert ert ert
Delta Do Decalactone 345 Chinese Coconut Buttery ertert ert ert
Diacetyl 345 Chinese Intensive, Buttery, Fatty ertert ert ert
Ethyl Butyrate 345 chinese Sweet,Fruity, Tutti FruitY ertert ert ert
Ethyl-2-Methyl Butyrate 345 Chinese Apple ertert ert ert
Fructone 345 Chinese Fresh Apple ertert ert ert
Gama Decalactone 345 Chinese Fruity, Peachy ertert ert ert
Maple Lactone 345 Chinese Nutty, Maple-Licorice ertert ert ert
Milk Lactone 345 Chinese Milk Tenacious ertert ert ert
Sulfurol 345 Chinese Milky,Nutty ertert ert ert
Cis-3-Hexanol 345 Zeon Fresh Green Grass ertert ert ert
Cis-3-Hexanyl Acetate 567567 Zeon Fresh Green Grass ertert ert ert
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